Who are the Congresswise?

We’re so happy you found us! We are here to give you inside information about this great hometown of ours. I’ts a city of lakes, trees, easy-going people and lots of congresses.

The Congresswise is a blog for someone considering organising a congress in Tampere, Finland. It’s also a good source of information for someone who is going to take part in a congress here.

Officially we are Tampere Convention Bureau and our job is to market Tampere as an international congress destination. You can ask us anything about organising a congress here and our advice is impartial and free of charge.

Here in our blog, we want to share with you our expertise, but at times we take a more relaxed approach. We’d love your feedback and input. So, don’t hesitate to comment, if you have an opinion, a question or experience to share!

You can read more about us as indivuduals on our Authors page.