Three-star, four-star, five-star

Three-star, four-star, five-star

Star-ratings for hotels – but not in Finland!

I have just returned from my summer holiday, during which I have had the opportunity to visit a few hotels in Europe. I always tend to look at the star rating when narrowing down my selection, so as to know approximately what to expect.

It will certainly come as a great surprise to anyone that the hotels are in fact in no way always related to the amount of stars they have earned. Sometimes I wonder how they are awarded…

As I market Tampere to congress organisers, I often come across the question about the number of five- and four star hotels in town. I have no answer. In Finland, we do not have star ratings for our hotels, so we have to find other ways of describing the standard. And that is not always easy.

Tampere has a really good standard of hotels

To my great delight, Tampere has a really good standard of hotels. And it has taken me quite a few trips abroad to realise it.

Here’s an example. I once stayed in a really fancy five-star hotel in a Central European capital. So nice in fact, that they even had butlers to put the napkin on one’s lap at breakfast. That was really nice, but I would have preferred to have had hot water in my shower instead. This I think is a good example of the difference between hotels in Finland and “old” Europe. Where we lack in overindulgent service, we compensate in functionality. Everything in the hotels work: you have running water (hot and cold), clean, functional rooms and breakfast that is included in the price. What you may not have is bell-boys and butlers and other extra staff (because labour is really expensive in Finland, and because Finns are quite used to doing things themselves).

So, how to choose your hotel in Tampere?

It is safe to say, that all of our member hotels would get a minimun star rating of 3 or 4 stars, should we have star-ratings in Finland. Almost all hotels in Tampere have been recently either completely renovated, or at least had a facelift. And on top of that, all three of our major hotel chains have opened a brand new hotel in Tampere in the last two years: Scandic Tampere Station and Cumulus Rautatienkatu opened in 2012, and Solo Sokos Hotel Torni Tampere will open on 15 October 2014.

All this makes my job really enjoyable. I can honestly and with pride recommend our city and its hotels to anyone coming here. Welcome!

You can see the locations of hotels and venues on our printable map.
Find more information about hotels on Tampere Convention Bureau Home Page.

Photo: Janne Viinanen

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