Something old, something new…

Something old, something new…

As I am writing this, the sound of a drill is interrupting my thoughts. It’s annoying, but necessary. Something new and wonderful is being built – something that will make my job of selling Tampere as a congress destination even easier.

Tampere Hall, Finland’s leading congress venue and the flagship of congress facilities in Tampere, is getting an extension. In only four more months we will have a new dividable meeting room for 400 people (Duetto), and an auditorium for 230 people called Maestro.

The new auditorium Maestro will be overlooking Sorsapuisto park and pond.
The new auditorium Maestro will be overlooking the pristine Sorsapuisto park and pond.

The Duetto brings with it numerous possibilities for both lecture type events as well as group work exercises.  But still I think, the cherry on this year’s cake will definitely be Maestro, with its all glass back wall overlooking the pristine Sorsapuisto park and pond. What an inspirational space it will be!

Building in winter is possible - but not necessarily fun!
Building in winter is possible – but not necessarily fun!

The building process is certainly not an easy one: drilling, hammering and noise making is only allowed on certain days when there are no customers in the house. A near mission impossible considering the popularity of the venue! Also the freezing cold weather we had in January did certainly not improve the working conditions of the construction team.

Everything is nevertheless looking good, and we are all eagerly awaiting the opening of the new facilities. Until the second phase of the renovations begin. Then it’s time to make room for the Moomin museum. But more about that later. I can hardly wait!

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  1. This is wonderful news for the Tampere conference industry. I like the sound of the venue design. Glass walls are so trendy ! Delegates like to be able to look outside and see the destination they’re in. Let me know when you’re planning the Grand Opening !

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