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Hands-on guide on how to organise a congress or conference in Tampere.

Why organise a conference in Tampere?

Why organise a conference in Tampere?

Do you ever wonder if you should organize a congress in Finland? As a Finnish person, my answer is obviously ”Yes!”, but on what grounds do I claim so? Tampere is a university town, with a lot of know-how. So, it’s likely that you’ll find here a great network of professionals to connect with. From the viewpoint of practical arrangements, here are the most important reasons that I can think of.


Tampere is new for many

Tampere is a new destination to most delegates and thus interesting as such. But what is there to see and feel? You can enjoy the harmony of rolling hills, woods and fresh water lakes with cosy city life nested in the middle. There are well-kept and renovated old factories in the city centre. Only one of them is still in action as a carton mill. The others have been turned into shopping malls, galleries, museums, movie theatres, restaurants and offices. Therefore, the traditional city look is preserved, but the functions in the centre are modern.

Kehrasaari factories turned into a restaurant area in Tampere.
Many old industrial buildings in Tampere have been restored and turned into restaurants, shopping malls, etc.

Tampere is safe

There is no fuss and worry about your safety. What does this mean in practice? As a congress guest, you can very well walk everywhere, if you wish. You don’t have to worry about being swindled in a shop, because Finns tend to be very honest by nature. Helsinki scored best in The Reader’s Digest’s “Lost Wallet Test” to find out, which cities are the most honest in the world. I can pretty safely say, that the same result would be likely anywhere in Finland.

Kauppakatu during winter in Tampere
Traffic in Tampere is not very busy. It is easy to get around by foot or by bus.

Tampere is compact in size

Tampere is calm, quiet and carefree. Well of course, we have our jobs to take care of and we can be noisy at times, too. But, in general, the traffic jams are small and transient. When making your agenda, you don’t need to book excess amounts of time for transfers, because it’s quite safe to rely on the fact that the traffic won’t stop you from being on time. You can walk from most hotels to most venues. It’s not easy to get lost here, because it is a rather small city. There is a well-functioning bus network at your service as well.

Bus in Tampere
It is easy to jump on a bus and see the city of Tampere.

Tampere is big in action

However small, the city is big in action, especially during the summer. There are numerous festivals, concerts, sports events and more. But if you come here during the midsummer celebration, the city is empty: everyone goes to their summer houses in the countryside. Why don’t you also rent yourself a cabin in Finland and let yourself experience fresh air and water, silence and a slow pace of life?

fishing in Tampere
Rent a cottage and go fishing in Tampere

Tampere is easily reachable

There is a small but efficient Tampere-Pirkkala airport in just 20 minutes from the city centre. The number of direct routes to Tampere is not vast, but when booking your flights to Finland, keep these tips in mind: There are flight connections to Tampere from Stockholm and Helsinki. They are great hubs due to their numerous connections and efficient logistics. And if you like an economy choice, check out our Ryanair connections! Tampere is very easily reachable by train, bus and car, also.

Tampere-Pirkkala airport
The Tampere-Pirkkala international airport is very efficient and comfortable.

Tampere has great congress facilities

As a congress organizer, you might wonder about the congress services and facilities. But not to worry: Tampere has a vast crew of experienced conference professionals and state of the art conference venues and hotels. You can explore the various choices on Tampere Convention Bureau’s website. What’s more: Tampere is affordable to my knowledge – at least it’s always worth asking for an offer!

Tampere Hall
Tampere Hall is located in the city centre by park.

Tampere has four distinct seasons

It is a richness to have a cold and snowy winter, a sunny summer and the midnight sun, a coulurful autumn and a fresh spring.

Autumn colours in Pispala, Tampere
A colourful view towards the Pyhäjärvi lake from the top of the Pyynikki ridge in Tampere.

Now, as I am writing this, it is December and we’ve just received some snow. So, if you wish to experience a variable climate, give Santa Claus or us a call and visit us in Finland!


Snowmen in Tampere
We wish everyone a great holiday season!