Ella rajattu

Ella Näsi

I am an experienced congress and communications professional. I am in love with my beautiful hometown Tampere. It offers small-scale city life, well-functioning services and a relaxed atmosphere. My job is to give advice to congress organizers and my ambition is to make Tampere well-known everywhere in the world. During my free time I enjoy life outdoors in the city or in the countryside: skiing, jogging, strolling in the woods, picking mushrooms, gardening or bathing in the sauna and swimming in the lake.


Pia harmaa

Pia Helminen

I am a child of the 1970s and have spent my childhood living in one country no more than 5 years. I found the city of my dreams in 1992 and have been living here ever since. I have been in the tourist business since 1994 and working for Tampere Convention Bureau since 2000. I love to dance, but jog a lot to compensate for my love of chocolate and liquorice.